People Admit They Are Finding Amazing Things in Their Cereal

And it’s making them tired!

Cereal has two very inviting values, it’s quick and it’s simple. Keep in mind though that if you are not careful, this can often have the same effect as eating a giant bowl of ice cream. Cereal can be a path to hikes in sugar and an unhealthy lifestyle. For me, I like my sleep so what I choose to eat is imperative.

My Mom always told me to look at nutrition labels and I see why. Unfortunately, many manufacturers go to great lengths to disguise the elevated levels of sugar or fat in our favorite cereals, while emphasizing other nutrients in huge bold colors on the front. Let’s learn to navigate nutrition labels and void putting the wrong things in our belly.

Looking at sugar, the amount given on the label can be a combination of artificial and natural sugars. Natural sugars exist in foods and are not considered as problematic. Added sugars on the other hand, are put in during production processes, and have absolutely no nutritional value and lots of calories. Watch out for all the different names given to these artificial sugars such as corn syrup, cane sugar, corn sweetener and any ingredient that ends in “ose”.

Here we have a few cereals that are pretty bad for you, based on the presence of trans fats, sugar as well as high fructose corn syrup.

But don’t get anxious, you can find some cereals available that will save that extra sleep time and contribute to a healthy lifestyle all the while especially when you think of important ingredients as protein and fiber.

Here’s 3 Rules to follow when choosing a cereal:

#1: Avoid the sugar. Always aim for the lowest amount of sugar possible, and think about what type of sweeteners are used.

#2: More Protein Please. Try to get at least 3 grams of protein and you will feel full longer.

Rule #3: Fiber Anyone? It is recommended to get a minimum of 5 grams of fiber for each serving.

So now you are asking yourself, in a busy world how do I have time to effectively pick cereals that help keep me going and not slow me down? Here’s a solution. The next time you find yourself standing in the grocery aisle, contemplating whether Frosted Flakes would be a better choice than Bran Flakes, click this link to use a great Cereal Chooser tool and thank me later.

And have a great start to every morning!

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A limitation of the data is that the cereals reviewed are incomplete. There are numerous cereals available as generic brands in big stores for example. Plus, there is a question of how the cereals were review and what was considered as favorable. Was it taste? Was it nutritional?

My visual offered a way to look deeper into these highly reviewed cereals and see whether they were good for you based on Sugar, Fat, Protein. It’s actually like a calculator for cereal.

I used bar graphs that you can interact with to make my visualization a tool for the reader as they choose what cereal to purchase. I used sizing on the Manufacturer circle graph to show with manufacturer had the highest ratings for their cereal.